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Tripping to Alaska

I am excited to be heading up to the 49th State Brewing Co. in Healy, Alaska for a few days. While there I will be collaborating on two brews a session able Belgian ale and imperial Vienna lager. I will also be participating in the summer solstice brewfest and celebration. I will be participating in a bunch of events including beer dinner homebrew competition, etc. 

Below is a quick description of what I will be part of!  

There is no other word for this season’s entertainment than EPIC! Start planning for fun because you simply must attend the inaugural Solstice Brew Fest. One full week of beer heaven from June 17th-23rd that celebrates Alaskan Craft Beer and Alaskan Sunshine. Our mission is to spread the word about Alaska’s pervasive craft beer culture. The Solstice Brew Fest events will include: daily beer talks and tastings highlighting beer from breweries throughout Alaska, seminars on grilling with beer and homebrewing, beer pairing dinners, a disc golf putting competition, live outdoor music in the beer garden, a homebrew competition, and a vendors’ village.

Check in to hear more about my trip to Alaska!

 – Sharif


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