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Jimmy’s No. 43 Thursday Tap

I can’t say that I’ll ever get tired of saying over and over again: “That was a great event last night!”

Jimmy’s No. 43 hosted quite a fun Thursday Tap night. We knew that walking down the lamp lit walkway descending to the bar that this place wasn’t “normal” – and are we glad for that. You enter to see a long bar and a row of patrons enjoying cold brews being looked down on by wooden barrels that sit high against the vaulted ceiling.   

The entire location was intimate which was great for speaking with people.  There were a ton of new faces last night and we were lucky enough to speak with them about the beers Jimmy’s was serving – Yonkers Lager, Yonkers IPA, Yonkers Belgian Pale Ale and Yonkers Nitro Stout. 

And yep, some familiar faces showed up as well – seeing people at numerous events is such a joy for us because that means, “They like us, they really like us!” 

Overall – we give the night an A+ for turnout, feedback and the amazing staff and environment at Jimmy’s No. 43! 


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