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Brewers Unite!

From past blogs you will see that Sharif – our Head Brewer – took a trip to 49th State Brewing Co. in Alaska to work with with brilliant folks there on a joint brew. 

The collaboration birthed a beer named Blonde de Sharif, (6.25% ABV/35 IBU’s). Below is more information on the collaboration from 49th State Brewery’s press office! 

Brewers Unite!

Healy, AK – For some, commuting means an hour in
traffic each way. But when it comes to creating a unique craft beer, the
brewers of Yonkers, King Street, and 49th State Brewing Co.’s are willing
to go the distance. Here in the town of Healy, brewers are going wild! Yonkers’
head-brewer, Sharif Abou-Taleb, flew to Alaska from Yonkers, NY to work on a
craft beer at the 49th. The result was the Blonde de Sharif, (6.25%
ABV/35 IBU’s) now on tap. A little closer to home (250 miles), King St. Brewing
Co brewers Dana and Shane came to work on a collaboration with the 49th
for release at the 49th’s Augtoberfest on August 2nd-3rd.
 They decided to take the envelope and
push it when they brewed the Kingstrizer (5.0% ABV/35 IBU’s). This unique lager
with dark chocolate flavors and a nice hop finish will hit the stage at the
Bavarian-style brew fest along with four additional new releases from the 49th
and specialty brews brought in from around the globe.

Collaborative brewing is
not a new concept, yet it entices drinkers, brewers, and beer geeks alike.
Perception, conception, and expression gain depth and layers during a
collaboration. This depth and layering is manifested in the brew. But the story
doesn’t end here. The 49th State Brewing Co owner/co-brewer, David
McCarthy, says, “We believe in the importance of beer education. For our staff
as well as our guests. We love to brew a great beer but we endeavor to do more
than sell a great beer. We want to offer product and knowledge.”

In order to do so, the
entire service and bar staff at the 49th State Brewing Co are
Cicerone certified. The Cicerone certification program was developed in 2008.

“When it was launched, the
Cicerone Certification Program brought a new concept to the beer &
hospitality industries. Namely, that selling and serving beer wasn’t just a
simple matter of popping the top off a longneck. After decades of virtual
uniformity, beers were no longer all the same; serving them well required
knowledge about many styles and flavors. And despite common belief, beer was
not immutable. The actions of servers, bars and distributors could spoil beer’s
flavor. And finally: that beer’s broad range of grain, hop and yeast flavors
expressed in a wide variety of styles made an unbeatable partner for many foods.”

                                                                                                                                –Cicerone website

The staff underwent
hours of studying, classes given by the brew master, and a lengthy exam to earn
their stripes. There are only two businesses in Alaska that have Cicerone
certified employees. The other is Prospectors Historic Pizzeria and Alehouse
which is a sister restaurant to the 49th State Brewing Co.

ordering a burger the size of your head, Alderwood smoked ribs that fall off
the bone, or a local organic salad the food at the 49th will not disappoint.
Our award winning craft beer is brewed on premises and can be enjoyed in the
beer garden while playing disc golf, bocce ball, horseshoes, or bags. The 49th’s
outdoor concert series has brought international acts such The Wailers and Dark
Star Orchestra as well as Alaskan favorites like The Denali Cooks, The Photons,
and The Rebel Blues Band. The “Into the Wild” bus from the movie is
in the garden and visitors are welcome to go aboard to see the memorabilia on
display. As we are located 8 miles north of the Denali hub, we offer a shuttle
for a worry free visit.

outdoor summer concerts make memories that tell the tale of a true Alaskan

“A place where locals dine and tourists make

Here.. End Here” In 2010, the concept of brewing came to John Rubbo and Nick
Califano after they tirelessly helped their grandfathers make homemade wine.
The generations-old tradition of wine making paired with their love and passion
for beer, sparked a fire and they brewed up a recipe that is now known as their
flagship Yonkers Lager. With the help of Head Brewer, Sharif Taleb, Yonkers
Brewing Co. is able to offer an array of beers that are less hype and more
substance. As its tagline declares, Yonkers Brewing Co. is committed to
producing full-flavored, balanced beer that you can start with and end with”.   

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