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Local Partnership with Sarene Distributors


2014 is going to bring lots of growth and in order to achieve that we have signed on to work with local distributors Sarene! Below is a press release on the partnership!

(New York City, NY) – Sarene Craft Beer Distributors LLC today announced that they have signed a distribution agreement with Yonkers Brewing Company for New York City and the Hudson Valley.

After self-distributing their flagship Yonkers Lager as well as their IPA, Honey Blonde and select seasonal and limited releases for over a year, Yonkers Brewing Company is ramping up production and extending their reach in the marketplace so more people are able to try their flavorful, approachable and sessionable lineup.

“We’ve been talking to John and Nick from Yonkers [Brewing Company] for about a year now,” Matt Schulman, co-founder of Sarene said. Matt added, “Over that time they’ve been promoting us to accounts and we’ve even been placing some of their beer for them. It feels great to be doing business with our friends and we’re proud of the beer they’re making. Yonkers Brewing Company will definitely fill a void in our portfolio. Behind John and Nick’s leadership and Sharif’s brewing ability, the sky’s the limit for these guys, 2014 is going to be a great year for us both.”

“Our team is excited to partner with the entrepreneurial spirit offered by Sarene. We believe, wholeheartedly in their efforts to expand our reach and brand awareness into New York City and the Hudson Valley, stated John Rubbo, co-founder & BrewEO, Yonkers Brewing Co. co-founder Nick Califano echoed his partner’s sentiments, “Yonkers is beyond excited to partner with Sarene Craft Distributors. It has been our dream to reach beyond our local market and share our quality brews with the rest of NY State. Sarene makes that dream possible ensuring the crispness and taste of our local beer is present at every tap. Being able to partner with another local small business, helping to create jobs and promote growth in our neighborhoods, makes every pint that much tastier!”


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