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Sharif Goes to Portland: Part 2

After the road trip on Saturday, Sean and I went to check out the Portland Timbers Soccer Club. It was a great experience, the crowd was lively and the action was fast paced.

Afterwards we got down to business to create a really fun recipe. We came up with a beer that defies categorization. The grist consists of pilsner malt wheat and oats and a little crystal malt creating a orangish golden hue. 

The beer is 100% barrel fermented with a combination of lactobacillus, hefeweizen yeast and a brux C. strain.  We chose 3 recently drained Pinot Noir barrels and 1 magical bourbon barrel that had housed another Commons Collaboration with DeGarde Brewing called Ortuckey Common. DeGarde uses spontaneous fermentation for their beers which means that the barrel was inoculated with a slew of wild micro critters. 

Tomorrow we brew!

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