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Empire City Irish Concert

The Yonkers Brewing Co. team kicked off St Patrick’s Day with Empire City’s Irish Concert yesterday! Despite the crisp weather the turnout was amazing. We really couldn’t have asked for a better place to start Yonkers’ St. Patrick’s week than in our hometown.  One of our favorite bands – Shilelagh Law – started the party yesterday by embodying all that is New York Irish music: old songs, new songs, jigs, reels, dancing, weeping, lots of laughter and plenty of drinks!  The concert also featured Black 47 and their Irish form of rock ‘n’ roll,  they rocked on with songs covering topics from the Northern Ireland conflict to civil rights and urban unrest in contemporary New York.  New York and Irish music have a long and storied history together, a collision of two cultures that results in bedlam, beauty and a lot in between  and we can attest to this from yesterday’s concert!

Here is to a long week of celebrating.


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