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Bronx and (Slightly) Beyond: NYC Craft Beer Week

What a night at the Bronx Alehouse this week. They were lucky enough to be part of the “Bronx and Beyond” night as part of NYC Craft Beer Week. This event featured beers representing the Bronx and slightly beyond (Yonkers). We were serving our Yonkers Lager and our Yonkers IPA. Other breweries included the Gun Hill Brewing Co., Jonas Broncks Brewery, City Island Beer and the Bronx Brewery. Our breweries were featured, serving a total of 11 styles of beer. We spent the majority of the night just hanging out with the guys from the Bronx Brewery, the Bronx Alehouse and Sarene Distributors having dinner, tasting each other’s beers and talking about the marketplace. The alehouse was packed – especially considering how cold it was out that night. All in all it was a great night hanging out with some awesome people including local breweries and business owners who really care about the marketplace.

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