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A Monster Time at Alamo

Yonkers Brewing Co. had a monster time this past Friday at the Alamo DraftHouse for the Godzilla premier. The team was able to secure a “Godzilla” costume and engage with the patrons for the 630 showing. For about an hour and a half John a.k.a. “Godzilla” and Nick were able to take photos with the moviegoers, and hand out samples of our Yonkers Lager.  Alamo was running a special – and still is for the remainder of the weekend – for a carnivore pizza and a Yonkers IPA or Lager for $14. A carnivore pizza was very relevant after seeing the movie and what Godzilla likes to eat.

We had a great time and enjoy our partnership with Alamo DraftHouse. Looking forward to more great nights and events with them.

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