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Friendly Wager between New York & L.A. Craft Breweries as Cup Series Kicks-off

Yonkers Brewing Company & Angel City Brewery Bet on Whose Team will be Cup Champions

June 4, 2014- (Yonkers, NY)   As two teams gear up for the Stanley Cup faceoff tonight, the Yonkers Brewing Company of Yonkers, NY and Angel City Brewery of Los Angeles, California put five cases of their beer on the line for a fun wager. 

If the Los Angeles Kings prove victorious, Angel City will be getting five cases of Yonkers Lager and if the New York Rangers wins the cup then Yonkers Brewing will enjoy five cases of Angeleno IPA.

“We thought it would be a great idea to reach out to an L.A. based brewery and have a little fun”, states John Rubbo co-founder of Yonkers Brewing Company.  “With so many collaborations between craft breweries these days, we thought this would be a great way to get together with a West Coast brewery and root for our hometown teams,” said Nick Califano, co-founder of Yonkers Brewing Co.

As New York travels west to the Staples Center to take on L.A. at 8:00pm EST, Hockey fans and friends of Yonkers Brewing will be rooting for their team at The Heritage Bar, 960 McLean Avenue, Yonkers, NY.   Fans of L.A. will be gathering at Angel City Brewery, 216 South Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA to enjoy the game and some great beer.

“We’re thrilled to watch our home team make it this far,” said Viviana Morales, Angel City Retail Coordinator and Kings Superfan. “We’re excited to have the boys kicking off the series just down the street from us, and a friendly bet with our rival’s hometown brewery makes it that much more fun.”

About Yonkers Brewing Co.:  Like any other great idea Yonkers Brewing Co. was thought of with a beer in hand.  In 2010, the concept of brewing came to John Rubbo and Nick Califano after they tirelessly helped their grandfathers make homemade wine. As they exchanged stories about crushing grapes and discussed the intricacy of fermentation, they cracked open a cold beer. As the cap fell off the lights went on, “Why not just make the sweet nectar we enjoy so much more?” they asked.  The generations-old tradition of wine making sparked a fire and with head brewer, Sharif Abou-Taleb, they brewed up a recipe that is now known as Yonkers Lager. Yonkers Brewing Co. is online at www.YonkersBrewing.com, on Facebook and on Twitter.

About Angel City BreweryAngel City Brewery is excited to be part of the renaissance of Downtown LA by bringing old-world, small-batch, craft brewing to the new world of the expanding Arts District. Angel City is committed to the continued growth and revitalization of its neighborhoods by being an interactive and supportive partner to the arts and business communities, as well as the burgeoning craft beer movement in Los Angeles. Angel City Brewery is located at located at 216 South Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Angel City Brewery is online at www.AngelCityBrewery.com, on Facebook and on Twitter. The phone number is (213) 622-1261.


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