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Sagra Del Maiale a Zuppa Pig Roast

As always, the Annual Sagra Del Maiale a Zuppa Pig Roast was insanely delicious. Kicking off at 2pm, Yonkers Brewing Co. was set up and pouring our Lager, IPA and Honey Blonde. The day started off fun and ended like that. With the sun shining, music blasting, pigs roasting and beer flowing – what else do you expect. There were more types of pig dishes than you could imagine. Spit Roasted Whole Pig, Rolled Pork Belly Porchetta, Espresso Rubbed Slow Cooked Pig Ribs and More! The side dishes were endless – from roasted veggies to pastas to fresh breads. We kicked the Honey Blonde pretty early in the day and the Lager and IPA lasted until the end. We always look forward to this event and you should make sure you join us next year! 

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