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New York State Fair

It was Yonkers Brewing Co’s first time at the New York State Fair and boy was it interesting. This 12-day showcase of agriculture, entertainment, education and technology took place in Syracuse. Our team was set to serve beer to the thousands of people that were coming through the Taste NY tent. We had our Lager and Honey Blonde pouring cold and delicious. We had lots of people swing through who were on their way from or to rides, concessionaires, exhibits and concerts! We spoke with tons of people – many who mentioned this is an annual event and an end-of-summer tradition for their family.

We were also able to step away from the booth for a bit and check out the animals – got to see wolves, sheep, cows and more – the rides, grab some delicious food and see who was in the beer tent. Although it was a long day it was worth it. We met some amazing people from far and wide who were all there to celebrate NY and the wonderful things the state has to offer! 

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