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Now Serving Burgers

As many of you have noticed over the last few weeks and changing our menu. The biggest addition are our burgers.

Many people asked, “Why not burgers right away?” Our response to this is with opening the restaurant we weren’t comfortable with being able to put out the perfect burger as we were getting things up and going. But after a few months and many tests we were happy to add a burger to the menu that we were very happy with.

This beef and pork double stacked patty burger is served two different ways. The first is the Cheddar Gorge burger. This burger has layers of cheddar between each patty and then is topped with crispy bacon and thinly sliced raw red onions. The other burger is our Brie Burger. This has brie between the patties and is topped with caramelized onions, arugula and our house made aioli.

Both of these are served on fresh brioche buns with a side of patties bravas, coleslaw and a pickle. 

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