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Sorry, I lost myself. This is about beer. But it’s also about our support accounts and what they bring to the table. The southern girl in me (Louisiana stand up!!) loves her some bourbon. And my oh my how it does pair well with all of our wonderful Yonkers Brewing Co styles. 

Tommy and Dave are the owners. Dave is the friendly guy behind the bar w an attractive chapeau. 

Let’s talk shop. This is a brand new (opened June 17th) rotating bar that has poured our Belgian Pale Ale, Honey Blonde and now our Saison.  What could possibly be next???? Only one way to find out. Steer your car to 5th ave in Pelham and see what deliciousness they are pouring next from your favorite local brewery. 

Tell em Dana sent you. Won’t get you a discount or any free wings. A southerner just always like to be cordial.

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