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Tap Takeover With Old Friends

Having lived in Yonkers for the past 11 years has afforded me the luxury of collecting really good people along the way. 

I met Mike DeVivo about a decade ago. He manages Mickey Spillane’s in Eastchester. When we sat down to discuss a tap takeover,  I was super excited! Spreading the word about Yonkers Brewing Co’s delicious beer and hanging out w my friend? Happy Friday son!

Then, it got better! He told me Mickey Maher would be tending bar with him. Shut.The.Front.Door. I met Mickey when I 1st moved to Yonkers. He worked Tuesdays at JP Clarke’s on McLean Ave(which currently serves our delicious Honey Blonde-boom!) as well as working for the Spillane’s Group.  

So, August 22 from 9-11 was absolute heaven for me! YBC beers were flowing and I caught up with 2 amazing people!

The two gents pictured were the MVPs of the night. They are two home brewers that call themselves Masked Menace Brewing. I had the opportunity to talk beer with these bright eyed, excited guys. I love when people share the pure love of beer. 

You never know who you will meet at our events kids.

Stay tuned to all of our social media outlets to see where we are taking over next. You’d rather experience the party instead of hearing out it after the fact.

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