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Captains Log: Week 37


The heat is relentless. And school is back in session. Not a good combination for Driving. What were simple/quick client visits are now client excursions. It’s like driving through a mind field where cussing rolls off the tongue like a beautiful song. HAHAPeople are crazy!


But I’ve managed to meander through the concrete jungle and get to those accounts that matter. Some new friends, some old favorites; either way a wonderful place to grab a pint:


A truly Local Bistro just opened up in my backyard. Located right on Midland Ave, Bistro 914 is pouring the Flagship, Yonkers Lager, and serving some delicious bites. The décor is amazing and very YONKERS. A true Home town spot.


Crabtree Kittlehouse in Chappaqua has added Yonkers Lager to the Menu. Such an amazing location with an old colonial feel. The food is amazing and Mr. Crabtree is a gem of a man.


Keep an eye out for Yonkers at the Soon to open Chappaqua Train Station. This high end deli/café will be serving small plates on site and food to take home right off the train. Yonkers will be the signature (sole) beers served starting with Our Vienna Lager and Honey Blonde.


Our old friends at Cedar Street Grill in Dobbsferry rotated on our Golden lager. The original Yonkers Lager has held down the tap since day 1 (literally), but Chef Matt Kay wanted to catch the end of the summer with our signature Light Lager. I expect to see the Vienna back on tap as soon as the weather goes normal.


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