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Finger Lakes

What a great Labor Day weekend. I was able to get up to the Finger Lakes for a few days. The Finger Lakes are known best for their white wines, and I am happy to say that I tasted through quite a few of them. We started our day off at Kings Garden Winery, then headed over to Wagners for lunch as well as a wine and beer tasting. My favorite was their Stout and Dopplebock. From here we went to Caywood and had the best host ever – Betty! We tasted through a lot of New York Champagnes. After this another beer tasting at Grist Iron Brewery! What a beautiful location. After all of this tasting it was the perfect time to go into the lake! It felt great confessing it was over 90 degrees out. We finished off our wine and beer-scapades at Barnstormer! What a great place and pet friendly.  For dinner we ended up going to Nickle’s barbecue I had some fried jalapeños which were delicious. The next day we went to Watkins Glen State Park for a two hour hike. Barely worked off the booze but whatever. it was a great weekend and suggest checking it out. 

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