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Our First Anniversary is in the books…but no time to rest on our laurels

Our First Anniversary party came and went this weekend, but it was an absolute blast! Yonkers Brewing was rocking on Saturday and Sunday with both known associates and fresh faces. Our First Anniversary Porter, which was a hit, was flowing on regular draft & nitro, as well as available in 32oz cans. Yonkers Fire Pipes and Drums even dropped by to play for everyone, which was a ton of fun to witness midway through a raucous day at the brewery. 


Just to nerd out for a second: regardless of working for Yonkers Brewing or not, I have to say that our First Anniversary Porter on nitro was something serious. The only shame is that we didn’t nitrogenize more kegs of it (only three, to be exact). While the regular CO2 draft version is quite good, nitro took it to the next level; it was like drinking a 9% abv maple coffee milkshake. The heat from the bourbon was pretty much gone, but the light smoke and hint of vanilla from the barrel remained. It was creamy and not overly sweet. It was a fantastically rare treat for everyone who came through to celebrate with us. We still have some crowler cans left, for those interested.

It was a very successful day and a very successful beer, but we are just getting started in 2016. Our beer pairing program kicks off in less than a week, with the first food item being chicken wings. We are pairing six of our brews with six different wing preparations, namely sauces and batters. It will be a fun way to combine food and beer while giving us an opportunity to try some new things in the kitchen.Also later this month, Karikatura will be coming to play live at Yonkers Brewing. That promises to be a great show since the band has a unique sound and have played at many venues in New York City. 

For all the craft beer heads out there, you can catch us at Defiant Brewing Co.’s Abominable SnowFest, a beer festival on Saturday, January 30 that is comprised of mostly New York and Northern New Jersey breweries. Assistant Brewer Mike Ginsberg and I will be pouring Vienna Lager & GingerRed Rooi; if you are at the festival, stop by and say hello!

More to come on a trip to the Great North & February goings on to come.

– Nick

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