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Yonkers Brewing heads North in search of great craft beer

Tomorrow morning (bright and early) Mike and I will be heading up North to check out one of the best beer cities in the country, Portland, Maine, for some “market research.”

Maine is home to many great breweries, but the two main ones that we will be visiting are heavy hitters: Allagash Brewing Co. and Maine Beer Co. While these guys do not have giant facilities like a commercial brewery, they certainly operate at a larger capacity than we do. Between the two of them, it will be very interesting to check out their tank space, cellaring program, bottling process and barrel room.

Allagash has one of the best barrel and sour programs in the country and Maine Beer Co.’s brews have gained a cult following in this part of the US and beyond due to it’s fresh IPAs, tasty stouts/porters and commitment to local causes. We also may be hitting three other small breweries in Portland: Foundation, Austin Street and Bissel Brothers.

It should be a really fun trip, but it will also be a very educational one. While it will be nice to have a three-day weekend in Maine, it is going to be a great opportunity to learn a lot about super successful breweries, both from a brewing and marketing perspective. We will certainly take some tips back with us to Yonkers Brewing to share with the rest if the squad.

We hope to make some new friends, swap some awesome beer and eat at least 100 lobster rolls. Stay tuned on here and on social media for updates from our trip!

– Nicky Vowels

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