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NYC Beer Week Review & Leap Beer

Last week, we participated in NYC Beer Week. While we are not in New York City proper, we teamed up with Brooklyn-based brewery Sixpoint to make a Russian Imperial Stout, allowing us to participate in the festivities. We have numerous events showing off “Back in the B.E.E.R.”, including the kickoff boat cruise (that Mike and I almost missed and had to jump off the dock into the boat), an all Yonkers Brewing Co. & Sixpoint tap takeover at Benson’s and a firkin at the Cask Fest & Awards Gala in Brooklyn that closed on the week. There are still some sixtels of “Back in the B.E.E.R.” floating around, but it will be gone soon…although we did hold on to one to age for next year 😉 A big thanks for Keir, Jamie, Tyler and the rest of the Sixpoint squad that helped make last week awesome. Looking forward to having them over to YBC soon!

Speaking of beer that will be gone soon, tonight is your last chance to grab a pint of Leap Beer! A hazy, hoppy brew with fruity esters, Leap Beer was created to celebrate Leap Year and will only be brewed once every four years. It was available Friday through tonight and has been well received so far. We are taking it off the draft line tonight at close, so come in and get it…or wait until 2020, your choice.

-Nicky Vowels


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