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Turning Beer Into Whiskey

Nick Califano, Mike and I took a little field trip up the road to Nahmias Et Fils Distillery today. A week or so back, we took some of our Vienna Lager over to see if they could distill our beer into whiskey. We figured that since the production process is so similar in concept, why not work with a local distillery to see what we can come up with? We got to taste the raw product and it’s coming along quite nicely!

The hope is that we will be able to put the distilled brew into New American Oak barrels and age it for six months to a year. They make a rye whiskey called “Legs Diamond” that is absolutely delicious; it’s aged for 12 months on New American charred oak. The whiskey is 80 proof and super smooth and flavorful; you get all the woody, oaky, vanilla notes you want from the barrel. The barrels only hold 15 gallons, but that just intensifies the flavors.

The current product of the distilled lager is malty and has a distinct taste and smell of cereal grains. With a little maturation in those barrels, we believe it’s going to be a really interesting/different tasty product. We look forward to working with Nahmias Et Fils and will update you on the progress soon.

– Nicky Vowels

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