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New Brews on Deck!

With the warm weather rolling in, we are excited to tell you about three new brews we have hitting the taps in the next few weeks. While we do not consider any of these three beers our “Spring Seasonal,” (that would be our warm-weather seasonal “Shower Time Pale Ale”) we’d like to think that they are interesting takes on traditional styles. We loved Anniversary Porter, our Sixpoint collab Back in the B.E.E.R. and GingerRed Rooi, but the next brews on deck promise to usher in Spring the right way!

Blood Orange Wit:  We brewed this riff on a traditional Belgian witbier with malted and unmalted wheat, making it a light and fluffy beer that offers fruity and tart notes. We added almost 100 pounds of blood orange to this beer to add a refreshing burst of citrus. The blood orange is not overwhelming, but rather compliments the usual tasting notes of the style. If this isn’t a springtime beer, I don’t know what it.

Rauchbock: You probably have tasted our Smoked Marzen, but this smoked German brew brings an entirely different dimension. Not all smoked beers are created equally. This rich, strong offering is brewed with Cherry Wood-smoked specialty malt, giving is a delicate and sweet, if not pronounced, smokiness. It’s a unique brew that, while not for everyone, is sure to become a cult favorite.

It’s SPELT Saison: This black saison brewed with spelt malt and caraway seeds evokes the flavors of fresh baked rye bread with intermingled spiciness, fruity esters and a classic saison aroma. Malty, earthy, peppery, and spicy with hints of .pear, our take on this Belgian style beer is a collaboration with PA’s Evil Genius Beer Co. that we are very proud of. 

We are always trying to push the brewing envelope here at Yonkers Brewing Co. Sure, we don’t have any barrel aged beers or true sours, but we make up for that in approachable brews with big, tasty, outside the box flavors, all the while staying true to style. We can’t wait to share this beers with you and hope to see you in the tasting room soon!

Have a great weekend!

– Nicky Vowels

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