Yonkers Brewing Co.


Creating quality, hand-crafted beer with character. That's what we are committed to here at Yonkers Brewing Co. Try some of our core brews including our Lager, IPA and Shower Time Pale Ale then sip on specialty and limited release beers exclusive to our tasting room. With a robust lineup of styles, you can pair the experience with a behind-the-scenes tour of our facility on the Yonkers waterfront. Explore the enjoyable brews, food, and culture hub that is Yonkers Brewing Co.



“Lager” [5.3% ABV] – (Vienna Lager) This beer features a fresh, full bodied malt profile, with a toasted and very lightly roasted grain flavors and a subdued hop profile. A nice counter to all the heavily hopped beers around these days.

Hop Runner

[6.4% ABV] – (IPA) In YO face with citrusy, dank hoppy flavors, this IPA is a nice bright and dry interpretation of the classic American IPA.


“United” [5%] – Quenchingly drinkable, this warm-weather favorite combines a clean, honey-like malt profile with a very subtle bitterness and noble hop aroma.

Squeaky Clean

[5.5% ABV] – (American Pale Ale) Bright with citrusy, piney and resiny hop flavors and huge tropical fruit aromas.

The Empty Throne

[5.2% ABV] – (Extra Special Bitter (ESB)) Our take on a classic British style of beer, this amber ale features a malt-forward pallet, with a mild hoppiness derived from Fuggle and Willamette, which give subtle earthy, spicy and herbal notes.


“Moro” [4.5% ABV] – (Blood Orange Gose) Slight Reddish Hue from the use of Blood Oranges. pH approx 3.5. Fermented dry with pureed blood oranges, this beer features a sharp acidity, and a slight salinity which lends an intriguing impact on the mouthfeel. Hints of coriander

Blood Orange Wit

[5.1% ABV] (Witbier) – A slight twist on the traditional Belgian White Beer, we gave this Witbier a secondary fermentation by adding pureed Blood Oranges, giving a more citrusy and slightly more tart version of the Belgian Classic.

Flying Fox Squirrel

[6.5% ABV] – (Brown) Solidly Brown Color. Rich and malty with layers of chocolate, toffee, coffee, toasted bread and a nuttiness reminiscent of black walnuts. Great pairing for meat

Simcoe Pale Ale

“BloodOrangeWit” [5.5% ABV] – (Pale Ale) American Pale Ale featuring the fruity, resinous aroma and Flavor of Simcoe hops. We kept the recipe simple to feature the complex bouquet of one of our favorite hops.

Hart of Gold

“Hart” [7.8% ABV] – (Belgian Golden Strong) Brewed as tradition dictates with Belgian candi sugar, this beer features light yeast phenolic and just a hint of Brett yeast induced funk. Strong, slightly sweet, but finishes dry.

Quinn for the Win Pale Ale

“QuinnfortheWin” [5.5% ABV] – (Pale Ale) Brewed to express the aromatic and flavor components of a blend of some favorite (Citra, Loral) and unnamed experimental hops, this Pale Ale is light in color and medium bodied. Nitrogenation gives it a sweet, smooth mouthfeel. Refreshing summer Pale Ale and $1 is donated to ALS research.

Guest Tap

Doc's Hard Cider


Good Stuph

“GoodStuph” [10.1% ABV] – (American Imperial Stout) – Rich and slightly sweet upfront, this strong stout features a solid bitterness to balance the malt and a mild alcoholic warming. Dark chocolate and coffee notes are apparent, with subtle hints of molasses and licorice.

Irish Red

“Wee” [5.5%] – (Irish Red Ale) – A drinkably malty Red Ale in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. On the sweet side, with slight biscuit notes and a light bitterness, this beer goes down smooth.

Wheat Noise

“Wee” [4.8%] – (Wheat Session IPA) – Complex bouquet of hop aromas and flavors greet the senses with every sip, with a light, wheat-based malt profile providing just enough body and mouthfeel to carry it. Crisp and refreshing.


Kolsch [5.8% ABV] – Brewed to emulate the Trappist Ales of Belgium, this brew features sweet caramel flavors and characteristically phenolic (clove) yeast flavors from the fermentation, which used a traditional Belgian strain. A winter treat.

Tilting Trolley

“Tilting” [8.0% ABV] – (Double IPA) – This beer was brewed with a good amount of malted wheat and oats to give the beer a good amount of turbidity and a slightly viscous mouthfeel, both of which help carry the aroma and flavor of the hops. Heavily late- and dry-hopped, this beer features Amarillo, Azacca and Mosaic, which give ‘dank,’ fruity and citrusy notes that dominate the aroma and flavor of the brew.

Summer Solution

“Summer” [5.0% ABV] – (Brett Pale Ale) Light in color and body, this beer was fermented with a mixed culture of Belgian Yeasts, then lightly dry hopped. The resulting beer is light and dry, and has a combination of mild clove-like phenolics and Belgian “funk” from the yeast, combined with pleasant hoppy aromatics.

Smoke Break

“SmokeBreak” [6.2% ABV] – (Smoked Helles Lager) – Brewed with malts that were smoked during the kilning process, this light, malty lager incorporates smokey flavors in balance with a honey-like maltiness. Really great with meat and cheeses.

Sweet + Vicious

“Hart” [6.8% ABV] – (Maibock) An abundance of Pilsner Malt flavor at the fore gives notes of honey and summer wheat. This full-bodied springtime lager is a southern German specialty, with a mild and balancing bitterness.

Wee Heavy

“Wee” [8.0%] – (Strong Scottish Ale) – A strong and malt-forward Scottish Ale, prominently featuring caramelly malt flavors. The balance is on the sweet side, malty with only a basic bitterness and no hop aroma. An anti-IPA.

Happy Mishap

[4.8% ABV] – (Grapefruit Session) A light IPA spiced with grapefruit peel as well as hops, for a high aroma and flavor impact built on a low ABV chassis.

Sour Puss

“SourPuss” [4.6% ABV] – (Hoppy Sour)This is a kettle sour dry hopped with Simcoe.

Nitro Vanilla Stout

“Stout” [4.5% ABV] – A rich, creamy stout lightly spiced with Vanilla. Look for notes of coffee and chocolate, with the smooth, creamy mouthfeel given by Nitrogenation.

Wicked Awesome

“WickedAwesome” [6.8% ABV] – (IPA) Hazy New England Style IPA generously hopped with Citra, Simcoe and Centennial. Super Juicy!

The Sultan Tiger

“Sultan [6.8% ABV] – (India Pale Lager) Featuring a clean, lightly malty base, this lager was long-aged on Amarillo hops, giving a nice but not overwhelming juiciness to fill the spaces in the flavor profile where yeasty esters would typically appear in an traditional IPA.

Subtropical Sour

“Subtropical” [6% ABV] (Guava Sour) - A kettle soured wheat beer with a sharp lactic note, balanced by a slight fruity sweetness from pink guava fruit added after fermentation. The fruit adds lovely tropical aromatics which meld incredibly well with the base beer’s malt and lightly hoppy base.

Mikey Likes It

“Mikey” [5.6% ABV] – (Schwartzbier) A roasty black lager, featuring a slightly sweet and malty flavor up front, balanced with rich roasted notes of dark chocolate.

Son of Saison

“Son [5.4% ABV] – (Saison) A "straight-up" Saison, meaning no spicing, this beer showcases the magical powers of Belgian Saison yeast, which can transform a fairly straightforward malt and hop recipe into a spicy and intriguing brew by instilling spicy and fruity character during the fermentation process


“MoCitra” [8.0% ABV] – (Double IPA) This lucious Double IPA is soaked through with Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe for a juicy and tropical flavor and aroma.

Bake Sale

“Bake” [5% ABV] – (Oatmeal Stout Nitro) Sweetish and chewy, this oatmeal infused stout has a lusciously thick mouthfeel, and a smooth, creamy effect on the pallet resulting from nitrogenation

Morning Wit

“morning [5% ABV] – (Witbier) hazy, with coriander, orange hints and spicy (phenolic, clove-like) yeast profile

Pontoon Pils

[5.2% ABV] (Pilsner) – A light grainy malt character with and subtle flowery and spicy noble hop notes.