Yonkers Brewing Co.

Dinner Menu


wings  9.95     crispy wings served with your choice of sauce!

                   Garlic parmesan                     Sweet & Tangy                        Buffalo

                   Spicy Pineapple IPA              Cajun dry rub                           Spicy BBQ

crispy parmesan brussel sprouts9.95     sprouts flashed fried &tossed with bacon  & parmesan cheese

mussels  13.95   argentinean chimichurri sauce with shallots, tomato & fresh garlic in a white wine broth

crunchy country chicken  9      chicken tenders coated in panko & corn flakes served  with house-made Vienna lager BBQ sauce

boneless buffalo bites 9.95     fried chicken bites tossed in buffalo

meat & cheese plate  14prosciutto, salami, manchego, asiago, &brie served with olives, house-made stout fig jam and crostini

pulled pork nachos 10.95     house-made tortilla chips layered with cheese & topped with pulled pork, jalapenos, house-made salsa verde, guacamole & lime sour cream

bavarian pretzels 8.50     fresh, hot pretzels served with a side of our house made stone ground Vienna lager mustard (yes, the mustard has a little kick).

devils on horseback 11.95    deviled eggs topped with fried oysters & spicy aioli

patata bravas   8     golden potatoes tossed with sea salt & topped with our house made spicy aioli & a dash of paprika

hummus plate   10.95     classic hummus & roasted red pepper hummus served with feta, assorted olives & warm pita bread

fresh house-made potato chips   3.50    fresh dish of potato chips





dawn’s fish taco 12vienna lager beer battered white fish topped with fresh red cabbage, house-made guacamole & salsa verde

shrimp Taco13     ancho shrimp topped with salsa verde, guacamole, fresh red cabbage & lime sour cream

short rib tacos 13     savory short rib topped with house-made jalapeno pineapple salsa, fresh red cabbage & guacamole






grilled cheese  5  cheddar cheese, melted between buttered toast & served with  a side of potato chips

 mac n’ cheese 5  kids size mac n’cheese





All burgers are a beef & pork blend and are DOUBLE stacked

cheddar gorge burger  12.50     topped with bacon, cheddar cheese & raw red onions

barbara’s burger  12.95     topped with brie, caramelized onions, fresh mixed greens & house made spicy aioli

james’s pork roll  13.50     topped with taylor ham and cheddar cheese

trifecta burger  14.95     topped with BBQ pulled pork & bacon.

salmon burger  14.95      house made fresh salmon burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onions & caper dijonnaise.

veggie burger  13     mixed vegetable burger topped with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions & roasted pepper mayo

dirty dog joe  9.50     deep fried hot dog in a pretzel topped with bacon, cheddar cheese & carmamelized onion.  DOUBLE DOG it for an extra $4





 All sandwiches come served with potato chips, slaw and a pickle

southern fried chicken sandwich   13.95     friend chicken served with bacon, spicy aioli & cheddar cheese on a crispy waffle

market chicken   11     grilled chicken, fresh mixed greens, creamy mustard, sautéed onion & guacamole served in a wrap

bbq pulled pork sandwich   12     slow cooked pulled pork tossed in Lager BBQ sauce topped with apple & cabbage slaw

rockaway sandywich   12     grilled chicken, prosciutto, mozzarella, roasted red peppers & spinach on ciabatta bread with balsamic drizzle

short rib grilled cheese   13     tender short rib served on buttery toast with cheddar cheese, sautéed onions & house made spicy chipotle aioli

buffalo chicken wrap   11     crunchy country chicken tossed in buffalo sauce & topped with blue cheese & fresh mixed greens

IN THE MOOD FOR BREAKFAST?  8  Classic, bacon, egg & cheese on a roll

Please advise your staff if you have a food allergy





shrimp BLT salad  14      seasoned shrimp served with tomatoes, avocado, bacon crumbles, diced egg with cilantro yogurt dressing

greek chicken salad  12      grilled chicken, feta, chopped olives, onions & tomatoes tossed with romaine lettuce in a lemon vinaigrette

chicken caesar  11      romaine lettuce tossed with house croutons, parmesan cheese & topped with grilled chicken

house salad  7      house salad tossed with tomatoes, red onion, balsamic vinaigrette  add grilled or crispy chicken  4  shrimp  6





pan seared salmon  19      drizzled with hollandaise sauce & served with our Yonkers Brewing “inside out baked potato” (bacon, parmesan cheese, sour cream)

fried chicken’n cheddar waffle  16      cheddar cheese waffle & boneless crispy fried chicken served with chipotle aioli, 100% maple syrup & a side of mac n’ cheese

sirloin  20      cooked to perfection and drenched in garlic cilantro butter & crispy onions. Served with “inside out baked potato” (bacon, parmesan cheese, sour cream)

fresh potato & cheese pierogies  14      made right here in Yonkers at Miasarnia on Lockwood Avenue. Served with brats, sautéed onions & lime sour cream

mac n’ cheese  12     a hot skillet full of mac and cheese of the day





churros  5      two delicious sugary sticks of doughy love served warm with chocolate sauce

mini Girl Scout Cookie gelato jar  5      locally made gelato of the day packed in a jar Girl Scout Cookies, whipped cream & chocolate sauce – ask your server about today’s cookie

skillet brownie  7      a hot brownie in a skillet topped with whipped cream & chocolate sauce, served with the gelato of the day

cold brew  8      two scoops of our locally made gelato in our house stout (when available)




Have all of the fun without cooking or stressing!

YBC is perfect for birthdays, graduations, rehearsal dinners, weddings or whatever else you want to celebrate.