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June Bottle Share

Last Tuesday, we had our monthly bottle share. We had some regulars and a couple new faces, but overall it was a smaller group than usual. However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few really good brews to take in! Among the best we tried were:

  • Peach Sour – Free Will Brewing (PA)
  • a home-brewed Belgian Dark Strong made by Phil (NY)
  • Outer Darkness (Russian Imperial Stout)- Squatters Pub Brewery (UT)
  • Ron’s Steam Bock Haircut (Maibock)- Collaboration between Carton Brewing (NJ), Alpine Brewing (CA) and Green
  • Flash Brewing (CA)
  • Wheat is the new Hop (IPA)- Collaboration Mikkeler Asp (Denmark) & Grassroots Brewing (VT)
  • The Flaxen Foal (Double IPA)- Relic Brewing (CT)

As you can see, it was a small group with big time beers. We hope you see you guys at the next one on July 12!

– Nicky Vowels

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