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My Summer at YBC Day 1

Today is the start of my summer internship at Yonkers Brewing Company. I have known most of the crew here for about 6 months, and already it feels like I am part of this wonderful family. I previously interned with them for a week over my spring break from UConn. I am so excited to be able to work here for the summer and see what experience I gain over the next few months.

I talked to Sharif today about what the brewers will be doing today and tomorrow, and he was talking about how tomorrow is a brew day, and I have had the luxury of experiencing that before. I got to help brew in March, and it was such an awesome experience. Sharif was also telling me that he was planning on getting some specialty ingredients for some beers that we will be brewing soon.

I got to help Jackie today a lot figuring out not only what my role will be this summer, but also I was able to connect with some of our customers via our social media accounts. It’s nice being able to see what people think of the brewery and help make sure the feedback gets back to the right people. Overall, today has been a great first day of summer work, and I look forward to the rest of the summer.

my summer

These are all of the beers that we have on tap today, and they are constantly being changed so that we can have something new for everyone when they come in.



my summer 2

This is me last summer when I was working on a Dude Ranch in Colorado.

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