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My Summer at YBC Day 4

Today when I got to work I settled in knowing that I was going to be leaving with Sharif to go and sample some cheeses for our beer and cheese pairing on May 25th at 7 pm at the brewery. At about 11:30 Sharif and I started our journey to Plum Plums Cheese shop. When we got there, we were surrounded by the glorious smell of nearly 100 different cheeses. We had 6 beers in mind that we wanted to pair with, and Sharif knew exactly what he was doing, I was just along for the ride… and the cheese.

After going through all of the U.S. cheese, the tasting started. We tried around 10 cheeses when Sharif had gotten the ones we wanted for the pairing. Once we got everything picked out for the brewery, we made some purchases for ourselves, because you can’t go into a cheese shop and not leave without a lot of cheese. I also felt the need to get some prosciutto, because I love cheese and prosciutto. We left Plum Plums and headed back to the brewery, and I had my lunch and then started getting back to work. I responded to some emails regarding the t-shirts we are trying to get for the summer, and I also checked all of the social media accounts to see if there was anything that needed to be responded to. Overall, today was an amazing day, and that only a little of the cheese talking.
my summer day 4

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