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New Beers, Our 100th Batch, Iuelepalooza and Upcoming Events

Hey folks, sorry it’s been a while since our last post; with Spring coming up, we have a lot of exciting things going on and in the works!

To start off, those two beer I told you about in my last post, Blood Orange Wit and Rauchbock, both came out excellent. Beers like those are tough; it’s fairly easy to make the former too sweet and the latter too smokey, but both have a nice balance and are going fairly quickly in the tasting room.

However, the two newest kids on the block happen to be a couple of my favorite brews that I’ve tried since I started working at Yonkers Brewing Co.:

Szechuan Peppercorn Wit: A traditional Belgian-style witbier brewed with Szechuan peppercorns. This brew has all the banana and clove notes you want in wheat beer, with the addition of a slightly spicy and fruity character from the peppercorns. With a medium mouthfeel and refreshing finish, this beer is a winner for the upcoming spring and summer seasons…I can only hope that we will make it again before the Fall hits!

Single Hop Series: Azacca Pale Ale: Everyone has certain hop flavor profiles that they enjoy. Some enjoy dank, resin-y, bitter IPAs or pale ales, others like citrus or tropical fruit bombs. Our SHS Azacca Pale Ale has all the flavors I (personally) look for in a great pale ale: juicy with citrus, pine and mango notes. We have come out with almost 15 different single hop pale ales, and everyone has an opinion on which has been the best. Some like Citra, others Mosaic; some love Simcoe and there was much fan fare around one of our newer ones, Eureka! But that’s the beauty about experimenting with some many different hops: it’s the same style of beer (pale ale) but there are so many flavor and aroma possibilities. One deck: El Dorado.

Speaking of single hop pale ales, today we are brewing our 100th batch of beer and it happens to be a part of the SHS. This time, however, we are using Experimental Hop 7270. Since SHS EXP7270 is a terrible name, we figured we would have a little fun since it’s a milestone batch. Here’s what it’s called:


Yes, that’s correct. We are naming our 100th batch of beer (emoji) 100 Experimental Pale Ale. It’s kind of like that time Prince exclusively went by a symbol . I wish I could give you the tasting notes, but we just don’t know what they will be yet, Stay tuned for updates!

This month, we have our usual bottle share, but there is an interesting twist…it’s my birthday! We are calling it Iuelepalozza (or Vowelspalooza, if you like) and the theme of the night is Belgian-inspired beers. I hope to see you guys so you can help me celebrate my 26th birthday while drinking some awesome brews. We also have Bookends Band coming to play live on 4/22 and a Beer & Cheese pairing on 4/27.

Before I sign off, I will give one last tidbit…we have a special announcement coming up about one of our fan favorite beers…stay up on social media to be kept in the loop!

Thanks again for reading,

– Nicky Vowels

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