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New York Craft Brewery Teams With Local Beer Shop For First Ever Sour, Cocktail FROOT

YONKERS, NY (August 2, 2016) – Yonkers Brewing Co. has partnered with Bronxville, New York based beer shop Beer Noggin (@BeerNoggin) to produce a 48-hour kettle soured ale. Appropriately named Cocktail FROOT, this refreshing and tart Saison was brewed with mango, tangerine, nectarine, guava, red plum, blueberry and a hint of kiwi.

Head Brewer Sharif Taleb along with Doug Cedrone and Brendan Carroll of Beer Noggin thought of the idea for Cocktail FROOT while reminiscing about their childhood summers that were full of Fruit Roll Ups, fruit cups and Warheads.

“Who doesn’t love a Jolly Rancher?” exclaims Cedrone. “We had a great time brewing this with Sharif and the brew team at Yonkers Brewing Co. We were able to take everything that was so tasty about being a kid and make it a beer.” This 4.8% ABV beer has a light body, prickly carbonation and a brilliant pale pink color.

“We wanted to showcase the creative side of the brewery and produce a beer that sour and non-sour fans alike could enjoy,” Taleb said. “The tart but crisp flavors mixed with the tropical fruit allows for it to be approachable but stylistically different than what we usually release.”

There will be a release party for Cocktail FROOT at Beer Noggin on August 3rd at 7pm. The event will also include limited pours of a bottle-conditioned version of the beer. Cocktail FROOT will also be available in the tasting room at Yonkers Brewing Co. and at a limited amount of bars and restaurants.



About Yonkers Brewing Co. Like any other great idea, Yonkers Brewing Co. was thought of with a beer in hand. The concept of brewing came to John Rubbo and Nick Califano after they tirelessly helped their grandfathers make homemade wine. As they exchanged stories about crushing grapes and discussed the intricacy of fermentation, they cracked open a cold beer. As the cap fell off, the lights went on. “Why not just make the sweet nectar we enjoy so much more?” they asked. The generations-old tradition of wine making sparked a fire, and with head brewer, Sharif Taleb, they brewed up a recipe that is now known as their flagship, Yonkers Vienna Lager. Yonkers is always striving for continued improvement, innovation and quality in all they do, including promoting their hometown culture. For more information, check out www.yonkersbrewing.com or be social at fb.com/yonkersbrewing and @YonkersBrewing on Twitter and Instagram.

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