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Take-away’s from the CBC

Take-away’s from the CBC

20 years ago when I started attending trade conferences, there were four hops distributors: Haas, Yakima Chief, Hop Union, and Steiner. There were fewer of us craft brewers and most of us back then said we just wanted to brew something that wasn’t pale yellow fizzy stuff.

I had the honor of celebrating the retirement of John Gorman at the Craft Brewer Conference. As person after person came up to talk about how John had impacted them over the years, I looked around at the legends in the room- Steve Dressler (Sierra Nevada), Kim Jordan (New Belgium), Garrett Oliver (Brooklyn Brewing), and Charlie Papaazian, who wrote one of the first books on home brewing that no doubt influenced a lot of home brewers to become professional brewers.

I spoke to the crew from Alaskan Brewing that has been around for 33 years and the next night met the owners of Winchester Brew Works who are about to celebrate their one year anniversary. I raised a toast with Dave Katleski of Emprire Brewing (one of my former employers) and Ian Harbage and Sam Clemmens who stepped into my former role at Long Trail Brewing.

I am reminded of the passion, curiosity, tenacity and sometimes dumb luck that we all share in this industry. While it is great to catch up with old friends, former colleagues and classmates, I was really there to learn about what is new and exciting in the industry.

Small scale canning is all the rage. There are a number of smaller hop suppliers and a diversity of hop varieties. Malting had a bigger footprint with equipment tailoring to small scale malting. More brewing software is available to make our jobs more effective and efficient. I was impressed with the interesting new styles of pumps. Sustainability is at the forefront of the industry.

I was excited to see a packed room for the New York Brewer’s Association meeting. This a strong group of brewer’s committed to making New York craft beer more accessible. Expect to see some fun events. Be sure to download the app and start completing your passport!

I would be remiss to not talk about the beer. Brewer’s brewing for other brewers, collaborating, and putting out unique brews makes for some interesting and fun drinking. So I hope you’ll pardon the abrupt ending here, but I think I need some aspirin and a big glass of water before I take a nap!

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